Our Services

Our company was built on the importance of developing a strong focus on service. We offer current customers emergency on-call service, and provide a prompt response according to urgency and nature of the call.


Our designers and programmers, supported by an experienced and qualified management team, have the knowledge and expertise required to get your production up and running quickly and efficiently.  


Whether you need a small custom control panel, or a design build proposal for an entire building, our skilled and experienced staff work with you right from the start. Often by being involved at the design stage, we are able to help ensure our clients’ needs are met with minimal to no extra costs or site changes.


Our technicians conduct field examinations in order to determine what the project needs are. RSE supplies a complete set of documentation including CAD drawings, EPLAN drawings and wiring schematic. 

All control panels are built to the highest of standards and are thoroughly tested before they leave the shop. We have over a decade of experience building control panels for some of the biggest names in industry. 

Panel Building

Here at RSE we strive for quick, efficient products produced with limited errors. Panel building is smoother when panels are designed properly, all parts are on hand, and the correct tools and production equipment are at your disposal. When all the required groundwork has been done properly you have the highest chances of building panels efficiently with the fewest errors. 

Having the proper people and procedures set in places allows us to solve problems in an efficient manner. We place a lot of value in the experience of our people and the standard procedures we follow.

RSE values quality control and we integrate it into our whole operation. When a problem occurs, everyone stops and focuses on the problem. We work as a team to devise a solution. This combined problem solving has allowed our company to become improved and run more efficient.




We can use both PLC control and SCADA systems to modify existing programs as well as upgrade outdated controls.

We have the tools and expertise to improve your process with solutions that will help keep you on the road to profitability. From easy-to-use operator interfaces, to entire client/server HMI/SCADA systems, we can put together the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Our automation solutions are designed to provide industrial facilities of all sizes with control over operations, to significantly improve performance and achieve a lower cost of ownership. Our extensive hands-on experience with most major PLC brands will ensure that your controls operate at their optimum levels.

You can rest knowing that RSE will make not only the right but the best decisions for your project.


No matter the issue our programming services can help improve the reliability and repeat ability of your facility. 



Our skilled employees will work with you whether you need new equipment integrated into your existing control systems, or old equipment tied into a newer system. At RSE, our focus is to increase system performance and efficiency.